• Woodworking

    “Barn Owl” Coffee Table

    An oak coffee table. Strong clean lines, large surfaces, with fold-over edges and showcased end grain. No skirts, aprons, shadow gaps, offsets, mouldings or exposed joinery. Finished with a white tint to complement its new home. The wood does the talking.

  • Woodworking

    A Pair of “Herons”

    My first commission after graduating was to design a little side table, that would fit either side of the client’s couch. The width would be 20 cm, with the depth (60 cm) and height (60 cm) would match the couch. At one end of the couch there would be limited access from the side, whilst at the other end of the couch the table would be accessible from both the front and the side. I proposed two designs to the client. One design was a ‘traditional’ table, narrow, with a couple of shelves and vertical dividers to allow books to be stored on end. The second design was a little…

  • Woodworking

    The “Tawny” Bedside Cabinet

    I would like to introduce my first completed project - the "Tawny" bedside cabinet. The "Tawny" improves significantly upon the usefulness and practicality of existing bedside cabinet designs by offering multiple shelves which are open on three sides.

  • The S-frame foundation

    Lockdown competition

    Whilst we have not been able to be in the workshop since Christmas, the school has still been keeping us busy with online lectures and a competition! The brief: design a contemporary bedside cabinet for a (fictional) boutique hotel based near Gifford.