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“Eider” Sofa Table Number 4

While July was a write-off due to sciatica, in August I was able to start going back to the workshop on a part-time basis.

First job was to make another of my “Eider” sofa tables for a new customer. Unlike my previous ash/walnut and oak/walnut combinations, this one was to be oak throughout and I was interested to see how the design fared without a contrasting pair of timber colours. The client did not want rustic or pippy oak that had wild grain patterns or heavy knots, and instead they wanted clean-grained oak with a natural colour finish to match their existing furniture.

By specially selecting pieces of oak that showed the classic medullary rays of white oak I was able to still retain a decorative aspect to the timber. In combination with the oak dowel details that strengthen the joints I was delighted to see that my design using pure oak still looked fantastic.

This version of the Eider was slightly taller than previous versions: H 550 x W 240 x D 450 mm (530 mm to underside of top).

The customer also requested a footstool to match – also in oak and with a complementary design – and which was finished a few weeks later.

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