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    The “Snipe” Corner Desk

    My brief was to create some furniture home office. The client already had in mind a corner desk but we went on to explore some typical rectangular desk designs before settling on a small suite comprising a filing cabinet, corner desk and sideboard. This is the corner desk.

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    Two Lovely Big Desks

    The year started with two big oak desks. The first was 2.2 m long and made from character oak, whilst the second was smaller at 1.5 m but with an 'external' frame for some interest.

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    My Etsy shop was started initially as a way to sell my early ‘craft’ items but it has morphed into somewhere for me to sell all of the items that I make out of the offcuts from my Chapelhill Fine Furniture business. These items are typically bowls, chopping boards and lamp bases but will also include other items from time to time.

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    Live Edge Yew Creepie (#7)

    Something different this time and a departure from my last few creepies. I have had some yew lying around for quite a while and I had roughly milled it into broad planks about a year ago but I hadn’t worked out what to do with it. The planks are narrow, tapered, full of typical yew irregularities such as voids and bark inclusions and with very funky live edges. Yew is well known for its bright orange colouring and wild grain patterns and because I had matching planks I went for a book-matched top on the creepie with mitred edges to let the patterns flow over the side and down to…

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    “Eider” Footstool in Oak

    The leaves are off the trees, the clocks have gone back and it’s time to put your feet up. This is my Eider footstool to complement my Eider sofa table. In oak, finished with Osmo raw and upholstered with the customer’s own fabric. I hope you like it.

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    Chest Restoration

    Just a quick post about a wee job I had to restore a customer’s old shipping chest that belonged to her parents. This is a difficult one to show in the photos, but the above is a picture of the original chest. A bit dirty, a bit dusty, a bit bashed, a few splits in the wood, loose screws, a hinge that was almost detached, a bit of woodworm and an amazing patina and history that needed to be retained. So, I fixed all of the mechanical and woodwork-type issues and then went to work with some furniture restoration solution. It cleaned all of the surface muck off and at…