Chest Restoration

Just a quick post about a wee job I had to restore a customer’s old shipping chest that belonged to her parents.

This is a difficult one to show in the photos, but the above is a picture of the original chest. A bit dirty, a bit dusty, a bit bashed, a few splits in the wood, loose screws, a hinge that was almost detached, a bit of woodworm and an amazing patina and history that needed to be retained.

So, I fixed all of the mechanical and woodwork-type issues and then went to work with some furniture restoration solution. It cleaned all of the surface muck off and at the same time treated the wood with linseed oil. I also added some feet to lift the uneven and rough base off the floor to allow the chest to be displayed and used.

The end result is that the chest is much more presentable and it still has the bumps and scrapes that it has accumulated over the years.

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