• Woodworking

    The Public’s Choice

    After this year's public exhibition of students' work, I was delighted to win The Public’s Choice Award 2021 for my portfolio of furniture made whilst studying at the Chippendale International School of Furniture. Thank you to everyone that attended and voted in the competition.

  • Woodworking

    The “Birdcage” Coffee Table

    During the making of the latticework for the legs of the Buzzard console table, I happened to have them lying on their sides, and I thought to myself that with a top they would make a nice coffee table. And that's the origin of the "Birdcage" Coffee Table.

  • Woodworking

    Making the Buzzard

    A friend saw my Buzzard console table and asked "How did you come up with the idea?". My answer was simply, and not very helpfully, "Just sketching shapes". However, the construction of the buzzard was not simple and proved to be quite a challenge.

  • Woodworking

    The “Tawny” Bedside Cabinet

    I would like to introduce my first completed project - the "Tawny" bedside cabinet. The "Tawny" improves significantly upon the usefulness and practicality of existing bedside cabinet designs by offering multiple shelves which are open on three sides.

  • Woodworking

    First Build, and the Woodworker’s Curse

    It's official. I have built a cabinet. It may only be the same pine cabinet that every other student also has to make as part of the course, but it's mine, and it's my first build. But something else I have discovered is the woodworker's curse: the curse of knowing all of the mistakes that are within your piece.

  • Other

    Anti Copying in Design

    I am proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copying in Design). All of my and Chapelhill Fine Furniture designs are supported by ACID through their IP Databank and ACID Marketplace.