End of Year Update

A wee recap of the last few projects of 2023.

A couple of bow-fronted bedside cabinets with laminated drawer fronts made using urea formaldehyde glue, dentil decoration and ribbed drawer fronts. These went off to the client to be painted and to have stone inlaid on top.

These were closely followed by a big chest of drawers with fluted legs and nice little kicker legs. Again, this was taken away to be coloured by the customer.

Next up was a replacement top for a kitchen table. The original was a veneered chipboard which had started to degrade and delaminate after many years of use. The customer wanted to upgrade to something that would be beautiful to look at and which would last a long time. The slight complication was that the table top was hexagonal and extendable, so any replacement needed to use the existing table legs and extending framework. Here it is – solid oak, finished with a matt lacquer for durability and waterproofness.

And then a simple project to make two bedside tables in faux bamboo style. The client provided the turned beech legs – the only real complication was ensuring the ‘knuckles’ of the bamboo were appropriately placed.

And then it was Christmas! Thank you to everyone that commissioned me to make furniture.

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