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Live Edge Yew Creepie (#7)

Something different this time and a departure from my last few creepies. I have had some yew lying around for quite a while and I had roughly milled it into broad planks about a year ago but I hadn’t worked out what to do with it. The planks are narrow, tapered, full of typical yew irregularities such as voids and bark inclusions and with very funky live edges.

Yew is well known for its bright orange colouring and wild grain patterns and because I had matching planks I went for a book-matched top on the creepie with mitred edges to let the patterns flow over the side and down to live edges. I kept the legs simple and they are attached to the sides with housing joints and a few walnut pegs.

This one wasn’t done as a commission and was more for me to play with the yew, so it’s going to head onto Etsy.

Dimensions are approx 420 x 215 x 165 mm.

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