IKEA-esque Chest of Drawers

Teen Daughter: “I would like an IKEA chest of drawers.”

Woodworker Father: “I’ll make you a lovely chest of drawers from solid wood.”

Teen Daughter: “No thanks. I want it to be painted white and have soft close drawers. It’s only £275.”

[Woodworker Father does some calculations in his head.]

Woodworker Father: “Go and get it if that’s what you really want.”

[Teen Daughter goes to IKEA and returns, empty-handed.]

Woodworker Father: “Why did you not buy it?”

Teen Daughter [with a look of disgust on her face.]: “The drawers were too flimsy. Please would you make one just like the IKEA chest of drawers for me.”

[Woodworker Father goes to the workshop and comes out two weeks later with a chest of drawers, made from MDF which he has painted white, and with soft-close drawer runners. However, he couldn’t resist sneaking in solid wood drawers, made from gorgeous 200 yr old Scottish olive ash with dovetailed joints.] 

Dimensions are W 1000 x H 1200 x D 460 mm.

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