Summer 2022 update

Work over the summer has been fragmented for a few reasons (Covid amongst them), so I just thought I would show you some of the things I have been doing/making over the last few months – from framing, through turning, and some repair and conservation.

Burr Elm Mirror Frame

Using up offcuts is very satisfying – it is both cost effective and environmentally conscious. In this case, my offcuts were some elm burr that was left over from my Blackbird chair, and the end product was this mirror frame with a reclaimed mirror. I call this frame an ‘outie’ because the burr lumps are on the outside. I had wanted to make an ‘inie’ but the thinner parts of the frame were not wide enough to let me construct the frame rebate. Maybe next time…

Turned Charity Donations

A friend who volunteers at the Ananda Animal Sanctuary was looking for some auction prizes for a fundraising they were carrying out – so I was happy to gift some wooden plates and bowls.

Eider Sofa Table in Oak

I then was lucky enough to receive a commission for my Eider sofa table – to be made in oak and walnut – and for there to be a matching armrest table. It was nice to make this piece again in a different ‘colour’ combination (compared to the olive ash version you can also see in one of the photos), and to see how the design elements could be transferred to a different item. And for those of you wondering, the armrest table is surprisingly steady and quite stable. So, here they are:

Chair Restoration and Repair

It’s not just furniture making that I do; I get some refurbishment and restoration work too. I had to take apart this very shoogly chair and re-glue and/or repair every joint. If only the previous repairer hadn’t stuck a nail through every joint!

Almost every joint needed to be broken apart, and then repaired, cleaned, shaped and reglued. The armrests had metal rods inserted to give stability and the seat base was strengthened with corner blocks. A coat of black wax to freshen it up, and here it is.

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