Dovetails and More

Next up in August was a large set of three shelves that were to be used for a TV.

Challenges were that they were to have dovetailed joints, they were long (1.5 metres) and they were deep (0.4 metres). Additionally, the top shelf was to have a ‘tray’ recessed into the surface and the rear panel was to be wall-papered by the client themselves which meant it needed to be able to be installed separately.

During the construction a shake (a crack) revealed itself in the timber and it was necessary for me to insert a couple of butterflies to strengthen the wood whilst also being a neat little decorative detail. Unfortunately I do not have photos of the finished shelves in situ but the ones I do have show the main details.

Size of shelves: H 420 x W 1500 x D 400 mm.

Bowls and more

In August I was also able to catch-up with some turning and taking photos of other items that I had made previously. My favourites were the three yew bowls/vessels which show fantastic grain patterns and colours. Here is a selection… (The small triangles were mini chopping boards that were requested to form part of gin hampers – for cutting lemons and limes whilst on picnic. 🙂 )

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