The “Buzzard” Console Table

This is my “Buzzard” console table. Like my second project this one is also veneered, but this project added another layer of complexity because the surfaces to be veneered were curved – both the insides of the curves and the outsides. The veneer is a most fantastic rosewood which has a delicious sweet and honey-like smell, and it also takes on the most beautiful colouring when the clear satin finish is applied.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves – I hope you like them. I will talk about the construction method in a later post.

The drawer is made from solid ash, with a solid ash base.  The drawer front is made from a beautiful piece of olive ash and although veneered with rosewood on the outside, you can still see the amazing colours and figure of the olive ash on the inside.  Why should the inside of a drawer not be special too?

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