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The “Chaffinch” Cabinet

The brief for this bespoke furniture project was to replace a small plywood table that sat at the end of a sofa. The furniture was to face out the side of the sofa into an open area of the room with passing footfall, and as a result it needed to retain the (relatively) shallow proportions of the original table. The user required space to store a laptop as well as space to hide clutter out of the way.

The answer was this wee cabinet which contains two shelves and two drawers with the top being just below the height of the arm of the sofa. I made it from some beautifully figured Scottish olive ash and it is finished in Osmo raw oil to keep the colours of the wood as natural as possible.

The floating panels are made from solid ash and are flush on the inside as I wanted the interior of the shelves to be clean with no protrusions from the legs. The drawers, which have simple wooden runners, have walnut peg details and the drawer bases are also solid ash – I avoid using MDF or plywood bases, if I can, so that my solid wood furniture really is solid wood.

I hope you like it.

The cabinet dimensions (l:w:h) are 560 mm x 360 mm x 650 mm and the drawers/shelves are 120 mm tall.

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