Dirleton Market on the Green – November 2022

For the past two years I have been a volunteer helping to setup the Dirleton Market on the Green which runs roughly every two months in the village of Dirleton. The market is intended to give local makers and artisans to marketplace in which to sell a variety of produce and crafts. I first took part in the market at the end of 2021 and this year was my second market – and I was much more prepared!

I see these markets as a way to advertise my furniture-making business whilst also giving me an outlet for my more craft oriented items such as chopping boards, turned bowls and lamp bases.

This year I also brought along my “Chaffinch” cabinet and also an “Eider” sofa table to give people a good look at some of my pieces of furniture. I also had for sale three of my creepies – these are little basic stools that historically were made from scraps of wood. Later I will do another blog post with more photos of the creepies, but for now I will just leave you with a few more pictures of some of the other items made for the market.

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