Social Media – tick!

So, I finally took the plunge into the world of WordPress and more modern website construction. WordPress is a system that allows relatively easy website construction, and avoids the need for the basic HTML coding used to make websites in the olden days. WordPress is a whole new world (to me) of configuration, formatting, themes, plug-ins and tweaking!

Also, I have made my first Instagram post – I had previously managed to avoid that world of social media, and what you are reading right now is my first official blog post. I’m still not settled on this WordPress theme for this website, but I’m happy to run with it for the moment. Does anyone have any recommendations for simple themes that can do everything I need for my website?

What do I (think I) need?

  • A way to change fonts and sizes simply. This theme is so simple it doesn’t have the ability to change the font.
  • I need a simple blog that is easy to maintain.
  • I need a simple gallery – with the ability to add simple photo albums.
  • An Instagram widget so that I can have my Insta posts appear here as a feed.
  • I would like a simple ‘Shop’ so that I can sell things.
  • Oh, and maybe a forum.
  • Oh, and maybe a kind web expert that can give me a few WordPress pointers. 🙂

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