Why the Change?

To heavily paraphrase a friend: “It is never too late to have another career“.

It was way back in July 2019 that I made the decision to leave my job and take up woodworking. Having spent the previous 19 years working in the financial services industry it was quite a change in direction when I took up my place on the Professional Furniture Making Course at the Chippendale International School of Furniture in November 2020.

I am absolutely delighted to be there and I love learning a genuinely useful set of skills amongst a diverse collection of students under the watchful eyes of the talented tutors.

Not only do I need to learn all about wood, but I also need to grasp the world of Instagram and modern website design. So, please do forgive any flaky website building at ChapelhillFineFurniture.co.uk and the current lack of content. I will continue to update my Instagram feed and the website over the coming months as I progress through the course and make some furniture!

Best wishes,

Iain Stirling

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