The Public’s Choice

After this year’s public exhibition of students’ work, I was delighted to win The Public’s Choice Award 2021 for my portfolio of furniture made whilst studying at the Chippendale International School of Furniture. Thank you to everyone that attended and voted in the competition – it is very satisfying making items that are enjoyed and appreciated by others. The photos below show the pieces I completed during my time at the school.

It was almost a year ago that one of my first blog posts showed what (little) woodworking I had done in the summer prior to starting my woodworking career on the Chippendale Professional Course. A few pencil pots, a couple of driftwood lamp bases and some keyrings! The transition to what I am able to make now has been amazing and has surprised my friends and family.

I will continue to make turned bowls and other “nick-nacks” such as chopping boards – principally because I enjoy making them, but also because they are a great way to use up beautiful hardwood offcuts that are frankly too good to burn.

I hope you have enjoyed watching the transition over the last year, and I hope you continue to enjoy watching how my work progresses over the next year… …assuming I am able to earn some commissions :).

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