Playing the Long Game 2

Two hundred rings. That’s how many I was able to count in this ash tree at the mother-in-law’s farm. The tree had been damaged in a storm a few years ago – losing its crown and a large branch – which left it unbalanced and, as it was close to one of the farm sheds, the decision was taken to fell it.

Two sections of its trunk were 10 ft long and two were 8 ft long, and they ranged from 2.5 to nearly 4 feet in diameter. Half a day of chain-saw preparation was required to size the logs and to split the largest sections lengthways so that they would actually fit on the mill. The milling itself took two full days, the use of a tractor, and two labourers in addition to the miller.

But it was definitely worth it to see all of this fantastic wood with a truly amazing olive core. It’s not all perfect and there are a few big knots with some rot, but that all adds to the character.

Now, I just need to wait a year before I can use it…

Thanks to Mark Rowe for carrying out the chain saw work, tractor driving and milling, and John Heuchan for providing labour. 🙂

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