Before Chippendale

While we are in yet another lockdown, and waiting to be allowed back into the Chippendale School of International Furniture to continue my course, I thought I would detail my woodworking career so far.

Back in 1979, attending Cockenzie Nursery at the age of four, I created several ‘battleships’ and other models of varied design. Materials used: various offcuts and lots of nails.

After an 8 year career break, my woodworking continued apace in my 1st and 2nd years at high school in the Technical class. Items produced: a spatula, a small wooden box with loose lid, and an OXO cube dispenser. I remember an awful lot of sanding sealer being used, and a lot of awful sanding.

Last summer, after a break of another 33 years, whilst waiting to start the Professional course at Chippendale School, I decided to use the time to acquaint myself with the few tools I have acquired over the years and have a go at making something. The following is a selection of what I made, most of which were sold on Etsy.

I can’t wait to see what my ‘After Chippendale’ creations look like.

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